Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Shaken and stirred

You know when you need a new piece of furniture, you get obsessed until to you find the right one. Well, I'm looking for the perfect shelving system to hold tons of books and stuff. I rummaged trough my treasure chest of old magazine clippings (yes, I do tear up the magazines..) This is one of my favourite apartments of all interior-magazine-time. And much because of that fabulous wall shelving. Top two photos from Adriana and Fredric Barra's  place in Sao Paulo. Photo: Nathalie Krag.
It's the Treme Treme (shake) shelving system, from Sao Paulo based  architects Triptyque, the most beautiful shelving system I've ever seen..
Does anyone know how to get these in Europe?....I'm obsessed!


  1. Jeg husker godt denne artikkelen, tror jeg rev den ut jeg også;) Men jeg vet dessverre ikke hvor hylla er å få tak i....

  2. Den er rå!!! Har prøvd å overbevise min nevenyttige mann om å lage noe så når ikke helt frem :) Lykke til!



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