Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Nederland Dans Theater

There is one thing that is really annoying me about this new, and close to perfect, opera house here in Oslo.(architects: snøhetta)
The time of strolling down five minutes before a opera or ballet without booking a ticket, like I could in the old opera, is over. I suddenly have to take in the effects of getting a bigcitymonsteroperahouse.. 
Yesterday they released the tickets for next season, and besides some contemporary pieces on the small stage, I haven't been able to get a single ticket the previous seasons. So now I was prepared, hungry for ballet, in front of the computer. Deciding what i I want to see next winter is so grown up and strange to me, but.. 
The choice : NDT in November, I can't wait to see this company that made my jaws drop to the floor as a kid (then seeing them on TV) and I finally get to see the big stage in that house on the water. 

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